Create a Powerful Business Strategy and Execute With Discipline

♦ Two-thirds of companies leading their industry in 1990 no longer exist.
♦ Only 11% of managers say strategic planning is worthwhile.
♦ Only 25% of executives say they execute their plans well.

Research and Organization Management (ROM) can help make your:

  • Mission clear.
  • Resources aligned.
  • Operations transparent.
  • Strategy agile.
  • Managers accountable.
  • Efforts deliver results.

Our Certified Management Consultants provide analysis, coaching and expertise. We help you reveal your compelling story and craft and execute a powerful strategy to make it a reality.


Stakeholders are clear where you are going and help you get there. Processes are aligned and under control. You have transparent, line-of-sight performance management. Staff learn and grow from accountability and managers think like executives. Your organization is agile and results reflect your mission.

The next level of success requires the next level of discipline.

Let's talk about your path to a powerful One Page Business Plan.


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