Creating Powerful Strategies for Mission Focused Organizations

Good Strategy Drives 2017’s Top Business Priorities:

Growth • Technology

Risk • Innovation

Talent • Regulation

80% of Strategies Fail to Achieve Their Objectives


We Create Powerful Strategies

Based on Comprehensive Diagnostics,

Implemented Using Validated Business Models and

Executed With Discipline Using a Performance Management System

Powerful Strategies Help You Avoid These Common Challenges
  • Our stakeholders don’t understand where we’re headed
  • We don’t always communicate our strategic priorities and intent well
  • We haven’t identified our key value gaps or operational deficits
  • We have a strategic “plan” but it doesn’t meet basic strategy design criteria
  • We haven’t embraced a VUCA mindset or don’t see how it applies to us
  • We don’t know what capabilities or systems needed to execute our strategy
  • We don’t have explicit, customer-validated business models
  • We don’t have any low-risk ways to test promising new ideas
  • We aren’t transparent, nor are we fully accountable
  • We’re often surprised about markets, competition and internal operations
  • Our progress against goals is irregular, uncertain and unsatisfactory
  • Our revenue and margins are hard to predict – or achieve

How well does your strategy meet your needs in growth, technology, risk, innovation, talent or regulation?

Powerful Strategy Requires Four Integrated Elements To Grow Value and Impact

Organizational Diagnostics

The information, analyses and insights needed to understand your company and to know who you are

Know the truth about finances, company value, operational effectiveness, your agility and company culture on which to base strategy

Strategy Formation

The aspirations, objectives, capabilities, systems and decisions needed to know where you are going

Create consensus on aspirations, where you will play, how you will win, company capabilities, management systems and the external environment

Business Models

The business structure needed to create, deliver and capture value in the market to know how you'll get there

Validate operational mechanics of implementing strategy, communicating performance and innovating new models to create value in a VUCA world

Performance Management

The measurement, decision making and reporting systems to manage growth and know where you are

Deploy and manage a compelling system to execute with discipline, transparency and accountability, to communicate progress and to develop leaders

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