About Us

“ROM’s mission is to strengthen executives, companies
and communities through consilient business advice.”

— Mark Haas CMC, FIMC
ROM Founder and President

ROM has evolved to provide our clients with some unique, high-value features. You should know the way we advise, about our leadership, who we serve and everything else we bring to the table.

  • Leadership – our President, Mark Haas CMC, FIMC, brings experience in management, research, teaching, consulting, and governance across many industries
  • Clients -ROM serves a range of industries, ranging from energy, education, manufacturing, biomedical research, social services, trade associations, military and nonprofit and public sector.
  • Affiliates – Our leadership is highly committed to advancing the profession of management consulting and is a founding member of the Association for Enterprise Growth.


Experience and qualifications of Mark Haas, ROM Founder and President


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