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ROM exists to strengthen companies and manage complexity* by creating powerful strategies to be executed with discipline by boards and executives. Our systems approach integrates diagnosis, strategy, business models and execution and makes complexity an advantage.

We provide consulting, facilitation, training and speaking services. ROM built a set of processes and an ecosystem of specialized expertise in complementary services such as IT, capital, finance, workforce, law, sales, expense management and leadership.

* IBM’s recent Global CEO Survey showed 83% of executives consider complexity to be their biggest challenge.


Mark Haas founded ROM in 1994 to help boards and executives build capacity and business value by improving strategy, operations and culture. Since that time, the company has evolved by adding new services and refining its approach to strategy and performance.

His business advisory experience includes Organizational Diagnostics, Strategy Formulation, Business Model Renovation, Corporate Governance, Operations Process Improvement, Performance Excellence and Client Services. As an organizational strategist and expert, he has led business transformations for clients for 30 years and improved operations and value through streamlined planning and disciplined execution.

His perspective has developed through education, research and application, and includes biology, engineering, research, teaching and training, regional planing, a diverse consulting, facilitation and training client base, simulation, ethics, entrepreneurship and management.

Mr. Haas headed strategy and performance improvement efforts in industries as diverse as engineering, nonprofit, biomedical research, transportation, technology, professional and trade associations, economic development, environmental, public sector, energy, healthcare, education and biotechnology.

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Recent Projects

Recent work includes leadership training for a senior housing nonprofit, business planning for a transportation company, board performance improvement for a public-private partnership, revitalizing a nonprofit human service nonprofit, advising a biotech startup, developing strategy for a clinical research network, reorganizing several NIH biomedical research centers, and merging two professional associations. In advisor, director or executive roles in nonprofits, Mr. Haas leads strategic initiatives to improve outreach, capacity, membership growth and services and social media presence.

Mark served as Lead Examiner for the Malcolm Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence program for the State of Maryland. In his seven years in this role, he led groups of examiners in assessing organizations in healthcare, banking, education and manufacturing.

Facilitation, Training and Speaking

Mark facilitates high visibility sessions that range from response to nuclear terrorism and WWIV military strategy, to STEM education and business modeling, to CEO Roundtables and strategy development.

He is an international trainer for clients in the US, Europe, Asia and Africa. These include leadership development for Tanzanian energy executives and developing a curriculum to stand up a management consulting industry in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Courses include Business Modeling, Diagnostics, Management and Growth, Ethics, Leadership and Administrative Operations.

He is a frequent speaker on key issues including business ethics, business modeling, consilient consulting and economic development.

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Leadership, Recognition and Education

Mark has served in diverse leadership roles, including as past national Board Chair and CEO and current Ethics Officer of the Institute of Management Consultants USA , the certifying body and professional association for US management consultants. He received a Lifetime Achievement Award from IMC USA, one of only 13 individuals in the past 50 years. He is Co-Founder and CEO of the Association for Enterprise Growth, an innovative ecosystem of business advisors in 25 complementary disciplines created to directly help owners of mid-market companies grow enterprise value and build personal wealth. Mark has served as advisor, director, and chapter president of several professional associations and business organizations.

He is a Certified Management Consultant, a Fellow of IMC USA, author, expert witness, invited speaker, author of Daily Tips for Consultantsand is listed in Who’s Who in America.  He holds degrees in biology from Colgate University, where he was elected to the Konosioni senior honor society, and planning from Harvard University, where he was a Teaching Fellow for undergraduates and Teaching Assistant for graduate students.


Association for Enterprise Growth

The Association for Enterprise Growth is a nonprofit ecosystem of 40 selected independent business experts in complementary disciplines. We created AEG to directly help owners of mid-market companies grow enterprise value and maximize personal wealth. Capabilities include legal, finance, technology, coaching, insurance, HR, expense management, executive search, commercial and investment banking, wealth management. Companies get experience, connections and capital on demand at lower cost to solve complex business challenges.

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Disclosure: Mark Haas serves as Board Chair and Ethics Officer of AEG.


Agility Consulting and Training

Agility Consulting and Training, LLC is a leading management consulting firm that specializes in helping global leaders and organizations build adaptive capability to anticipate change and respond appropriately to increasing turbulence and uncertainty. ACT helps its client become focused, fast and flexible. Our principals and network of associates bring valuable depth of expertise, experience and insight to helping clients become more focused, fast and flexible at the enterprise, team and individual leader levels.

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CoreValue Software

CoreValue Software uses patented and sophisticated algorithms developed at MIT to quantify both operational and market value drivers such as market share, brand, operations, human resources, innovation, and recurring revenue – often revealing millions of dollars of unrealized existing value. These analyses estimate operational effectiveness and business value compared to potential. This shows, in both for-profit and non-profit organizations, critical performance deficits specific to location and industry. Finally, it gives a specific roadmap to improve the ability of a company to attract talent, partners, capital and customers.

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