“Coming together is a beginning,
keeping together is progress,
working together is success.”

— Henry Ford

ROM provides core performance improvement services to our clients but has affiliates in a range of disciplines and industries. Along with our worldwide network of Certified Management Consultants® (CMCs), ROM works with firms recognized as competent their fields and upholding high ethical standards. Professional services and technology firms are eligible to join our affiliate team only after we have worked together and both parties are assured of the firm’s competence and ethics.

Association for Enterprise Growth

The Association for Enterprise Growth is a national nonprofit created to directly help owners of mid-market companies grow enterprise value and maximize personal wealth. It consists of regional councils in major cities, each consisting of selected advisors in consulting, legal, finance, technology, coaching, insurance, commercial and investment banking, wealth management and other disciplines. This consilient group of advisors aims to strengthen the mid-market sector of the US economy, which employs almost half of the labor force.

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Agility Consulting and Training

Agility Consulting and Training, LLC is a leading management consulting firm that specializes in helping global leaders and organizations build adaptive capability to anticipate change and respond appropriately to increasing turbulence and uncertainty. ACT helps its client become focused, fast and flexible. Our principals and network of associates bring valuable depth of expertise, experience and insight to helping clients become more focused, fast and flexible at the enterprise, team and individual leader levels.