Strategy is more than just a “plan.”

You want to know:

 • Who are we?

 • Where are we going?

 • How will we get there?

 • How will we know?


Four key elements make up powerful strategies that create, deliver and capture value and have impact.


Which of the challenges below do you have?

Key elements of strategy fit together like a four-piece puzzle. Pieces link together to create a truthful view of the present, alternatives futures and clear and compelling ways to thrive with impact.


Click on some familiar business challenges below to see what a powerful strategy can do.

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Organizational Diagnostics

Enterprise Value

We don't know how much our company is really worth or which operational or market functions are holding back growth

Find Out Your Enterprise Value

Estimate the company's enterprise value, identify 'Red Flags', and design high-ROI fixes to operational/market deficits

Strategy Formation


We don't know which services, geographies, markets, technologies, effort, and value creation engines are best

Define Playing Fields

Identify internally consistent geographies, product categories, customer segments, channels, and vertical stages of production.

Business Models


We don't know how the parts of our business work together and we're often surprised by inside and market events

Integrated Business Model

Understand internal/external cause and effect relationships, develop ability to predict direct and indirect impacts of actions.

Performance Management


People are unclear about their responsibilities, may not have needed resources, and are not accountable for their work

Set An Accountability Culture

Clarify accountabilities, provide resources needed to succeed and communicate importance of progress toward objectives


Management, staff and board have different priorities and perceptions of who we are and where we are going

Assess Culture

Assess perceived differences of how well various functions are performing and how mission critical they are


We're not sure of our competitive advantage, customer pains and gains, and key industry and marketplace factors

Define Economic Models

Define logic chains by analyses of industry, customer value, relative position and competitors to arrive at strategic choices


We can't confirm that our value propositions, customer relationships and channels are what our customers really want

Get Out Of The Building

Clarify hypotheses/assumptions, run experiments, observe customer behaviors, conduct interviews and prepare to pivot


Our culture and systems don't seem to get the right information where, when and to whom it is most needed

Commit to Transparency

Make transparency a core value, adopt an open book policy, hire for trust, build transparency into processes, reward openness.


We have erratic cash flow, can't predict revenue or margin and see ambiguous trends in financial data and ratios

Diagnose Financial Trends

Analyze finances to benchmark against competitors and generate more cash and improve future financial performance


We don't know what specific operational or market capabilities we need to execute against our aspirations and strategy

Specify Vital Core Capabilities

Define configurations of a vital few self-reinforcing capabilities, enablers and constraints needed to implement and win


Our people, processes and resources aren't aligned with each other or oriented to our strategic objectives


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Decision Making

We sometimes act too late, make really bad decisions on key tactical issues, and keep making the same mistakes and don't learn

Decide Based On Evidence

Develop a fact-based decision culture, develop accurate, timely and relevant data, learn from mistakes, use decision tools


We can't anticipate emerging trends in the market and miss opportunities or fail to respond to threats in time

Assess Organizational Agility

Assess agile capability of leaders, teams and organization and improve agility structure and culture of the organization

Management Systems

We're not sure what management and information systems we need or how to communicate across the company

Create The Ability To Choose

Develop analysis, decision making and communication systems that enable, strengthen and measure strategy performance


We have ideas but no culture or mechanism to nurture and test new products, services or business models

Create Innovation Machines

Identify key types of innovation, empower experimentation and risk taking, set clear performance metrics, protect the culture


We have great people but it's not clear they are being used effectively or developed consistent with our strategy

Make Talent A Key Asset

Hire for values, align orientation with strategy, focus on processes, quality and performance, train like people will rise to highest level