Each market, executive, and circumstance differs. Diverse client experience gives critical perspective on the scope, sequence and content of crafting the right strategy for your unique company and time.


We’ve been fortunate to serve clients in industries from social services and trade associations, to education and biomedical research, and to manufacturing and defense.


Our clients range in size from billion dollar enterprises to startups and include commercial, nonprofit and public sector.


How can we help you?

Who We Serve


  • Mid-sized companies ($20-200 MM revenues)
  • Divisions of Fortune 5000 companies
  • Entrepreneurs/start-ups
  • Small businesses
  • Franchise/multibusiness owners
  • Business development organizations
  • Sales teams


  • Nonprofits (emphasis on progressive causes)
  • Foundations
  • Trade Associations
  • Association Management Companies
  • Economic Development Organizations
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Regional Business Groups

Public Sector

  • Federal agencies (emphasis on science, technology and R&D-centric agencies)
  • State agencies
  • Regional commissions
  • Business development agencies
  • Incubators
What Clients Say
  • Mark Haas from ROM is one of the best consultants I have come across in providing expertise relating to leadership, strategy, performance and culture when it comes to companies our size and scaling quickly.

    President of a Technology Company
  • Mark was invaluable to me in helping my management team develop and integrate new systems through his thoughtful design and measurable outcomes. Our business has turned around, in part, because of the systems we designed with Mark and executed over the past three years.

    Mark worked with my executive management team and me to build into the middle and lower management of my organization a business planning and project management system that will align with the overall strategic plan.

    I highly recommend Mark.  He is clear thinker and dives deep into his clients culture and businesses to understand all aspects of the assignment or project and then provides a very thorough assessment and plan for consideration and action.

    CEO of a Social Service Nonprofit
  • Mark is one of the first experts I’d turn to for advice on issues of organization management, strategy, or ethics. What impresses me most is his avoidance of canned solutions and consulting jargon, preferring to begin each engagement by asking the right questions, and listening carefully to how clients describe their needs, before crafting a plan of action. I’ve learned from colleagues that Mark is one of the most highly respected management consultants in his fields of specialization, confirming my personal assessment.

    President of a Research Firm
  • I’ve been to every one of these [ethics] workshops for 20 years and this is the best one I’ve been to.

    Ethics Workshop Participant
  • Mark stepped in as National Chair during the formative stages of the Association for Enterprise Growth, playing a crucial role in defining and driving AEG’s innovative “multi-sided” service delivery platform. His strong grasp of governance, operations and strategy, plus his steady and versatile leadership skills, assured that the AEG concept and business model became reality.

    Executive Director
  • I have known Mark for over 5 years. During that time, my respect and admiration for him has continued to grow. Mark is not only one of the most ethical individuals I have ever met, he is also one of the most competent and diligent. Regardless of the task, he applies an extraordinary amount of energy and insight. I feel fortunate to consider him a friend and colleague.

    President of Education Advisory Firm
  • Without exaggerating, I don’t think I have seen comments like this since we began doing evaluations (8-9 years ago?). Terrific job (4.95 out of 5)!  Thanks for sharing your time with us.

    Workshop Participant
  • The strategies and partnerships outlined in your email represent the best forward thinking about a sustainable future that I’ve seen in all my years here.

    Board Director
  • We could not have done it without you. The two of you make a great team, and you helped us work through a tremendous amount of material in a short time. As I am sure you could see, we have been thinking about these facets of our business for a long time. But it was fantastic to have the chance to get all of those thoughts organized and laid out in a way that can help us advance our business more effectively.

    CEO of a Conservation Nonprofit
  • I thought that you handled the difficult task of mediating between the CPC and the board with extraordinary delicacy and effectiveness. Most impressive.

    Board Chair
  • Mark’s services are and continue to be integral to the development of the business plan for a 580 person not-for-profit service provider. He was able to identify problem areas, recommend remedial actions and assist the CEO with staff assignments in each problem area. His quick assessment of the operation and the creation of interim steps, helped to provide a much needed kick-start to progress in the right direction. Mark’s integrity and attention to detail are exceptional. His experience with a variety of businesses makes him the consultant of choice for any CEO wishing to improve performance in their organization.

    VP of a Social Service Nonprofit
  • Thank you for making the 2016 Conference the highest rated in the history of the organization. Your session was one of the three of fourteen to receive a perfect score, 5 out of 5.

    National Business Conference
  • I just wanted to personally thank you for your fantastic insights at the presentation this past weekend. I’ve been to lots of conferences and breakout sessions over the years, but this one had me engaged and genuinely wanting to learn more. Your speech had my mind buzzing with energy and ideas.

    Workshop Participant
  • Mark Haas has a great sense of humor, his integrity is beyond reproach, he is industrious, altruistic and a decent golfer, yet these are not even his greatest qualities. Mark has an incredible wealth of knowledge of organizations, their dynamics and how to improve their operations, productivity and teamwork. In less than a year he has reenergized and revamped […] to a level that amazes us all. Our membership has increased dramatically, the programming is incredible and our vision and focus for the future is well crafted and visible. As the president, he has worked harder than any single member for our mutual success yet does not seek personal recognition or glory. He places the interest of the organization first.

    Board Member of a Professional Association
  • Mark personally led [ . . . ] from aimless drift to vibrant excellence—the finest in the US, by several measures. He then applied the same passion, creativity, and skills at the national level. He has done more to elevate the standards and status of the management consulting profession than anyone I know.

    Lt. Col. US Air Force
  • Mark is a complete professional, balancing attention to detail with impeccable client service. He has a reputation for bringing projects in on time, under budget and tailored to the needs of the client.

    Professional Colleague
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