How We Work

“For every problem there is a solution
that is simple, direct . . . and wrong.”

— H.L. Mencken

Answering the Four Core Questions means investment in four corresponding but interrelated activities to increase understanding, decrease risk and accelerate business value growth:

  • Who Are We benefits from diagnosis in finances, culture, operations, markets and other areas to realistically show where you are starting on your growth journey.
  • Where Are We Going benefits from strategy in defining where, how, with whom, why and to what end you will operate.
  • How Will We Get There benefits from disciplined execution and agility in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environment.
  • How We Will Know benefits from vigorous evaluation, understanding performance drivers, tracking outcomes and using evidence-based decision making.


Create clarity and transparency around where you are and what is possible


Create real options to position your unit or company to grow in an evolving market


Put your strategy into place, then anticipate and allocate needed resources to make it happen


Monitor and assess performance to anticipate needed changes in people, processes or technology

These four types of value described above address the Four Questions but we can help you build value through four roles, depending on your needs, timing, capabilities and budget.

Mark Haas discussing intangible assets at Georgetown University


Mark Haas facilitates USASA Strategy Session


Mark Haas working with healthcare executives in Phoenix


Mark Haas speaking to Dallas IMC