In management, as in medicine,
prescription without diagnosis is malpractice

Diagnosis Turns Intuition Into Insight
And Answers “Who Are We?”

Solid strategy, execution and growth and are based on
solid diagnosis of your people, processes and technologies.


Do you know your financials, enterprise value gaps, manager behavior drivers,
agility score, and how your business model will respond to disruption?


How well do you really know “Who You Are”?

Get Clarity on Diagnosis

Getting clarity

If you know “Who You Are,” you know:

  • How much your company could be worth and how of that potential is missing
  • What your specific growth opportunities are and the ROI to capture each one
  • How agile you, your team and your company are and how well you can pivot
  • How aligned your staff is around strategy, operations and culture
  • How to leverage your people’s strengths and weaknesses
  • That your customers, partners and staff have validated your business model

Effective diagnosis uses a structured process and valid tools. Below are some of the tools we use to leverage our expertise in diagnosis.

  • CoreValue

    Find out how operational effectiveness and market readiness translate into how much your company is worth and how much enterprise value you are missing. Identify your top growth opportunities and the ROI to capture them. Discover any hidden “Red Flags” that could could destroy your company’s entire value. This highly validated methodology is being used by more than 6,000 companies and nonprofits to strengthen their value and agility – demonstrated by average annual growth rates of 21%.

  • Quad Red

    Find out how well key strategic, operational and cultural functions are performing across your company and how important they are to your success. Don’t ask an outsider – engage your own staff to find out what they think. This is a key diagnostic for new executives, in preparations for a merger, prior to strategy development or execution or to uncover hidden misalignment in management.

  • DISC Style Indicator

    You ability to communicate, motivate and manage your company depends on  understanding the behavior, temperament, and personalities of your people. The DISC profile is an overview of how you managers and staff think, perceive, and behave. One of the most reliable and valid profiling tools available, its use helps see where and how to better organize, manage and develop people.

  • Business Model Canvas

    As intangible assets grow in importance to companies, one of the clearest competitive advantages is its underlying business model. A high-performing company articulates, validates and builds into strategy a fundamental understanding of how it creates, delivers and captures value. Most strategy failure comes from not having a valid business model canvas.

Diagnosis depends on data and insight