Organizations exist to turn data into decisions. Powerful strategy increases confidence & impact by reducing uncertainty & risk.

Four key elements make up powerful strategies that create, deliver and capture value:

•   Organizational Diagnostics shows who (where) you are

•   Strategy Formation shows where you can go

•   Business Models shows how you can create value

•   Performance Management shows how to improve decisions


Can integrating these four elements help you create more powerful strategies and performance?


Let’s find out.

ROM Integrated Strategy Solutions To Management Challenges

Organizational Diagnostics

ROM Solutions

Mission, Vision, Value, Purpose

Financial Analysis

Operational Effectiveness

Strategic Agility

Cultural Alignment

Risk Assessment

Strategy Formation

ROM Solutions

Strategy Cascade


Where to Play

How to Win

Capabilities Needed

Management Systems

Business Models

ROM Solutions

Value Proposition Canvas

Business Model Canvas

Portfolio of Business Models

Environmental Evaluation


Competitor Analysis

Performance Management

ROM Solutions

One Page Business Plan

Accountability Systems

Performance Management

Performance Culture

Leadership Development

Organizational Ethics

These four key elements of powerful strategy integrate an executive team’s functions, information and impact.

CXO overlap in creating strategy
Our Approach

Our perspective is systems-oriented, trust-centered and evidence-based. Our focus is on strengthening your assets, processes and culture to promote alignment, accountability, agility and transparency.

We respect your most valuable resources: time, money and reputation. Our focus is to optimize your ROI and impact by strengthening your operational and market effectiveness, consistent with who you are.

Change is hard but it doesn’t have to be complex. We work with you to develop your own capabilities to build powerful strategies. Our focus is more about who you become than what we do as outside advisors.

Our Engagement Process

We start with an onsite conversation with your leadership team. We need to understand the nature of company and leadership aspirations compared to current capabilities and performance. This is also a check for good chemistry and common values.

We draft a work plan with explicit capabilities, processes, accountabilities, work products and expected outcomes. We’ll designate work teams made up of staff, your other advisors and ROM personnel. These teams will be managed to deliver greater collective benefit to your organization than what you expected from any one part of the team.

As appropriate, we’ll offer alternative approaches, business models and performance management systems to continually improve your value creation, delivery and capture. We’ll push back if appropriate but you have the final say.

Finally, you’ll regularly evaluate the ROI of our services and we’ll disengage when appropriate.

Business Relationships

We are open to arrangements appropriate to your timing. budget and managerial capacity.

Each project is unique and may call for a custom and possibly changing mix of skills to deliver the desired outcomes. We curate access to our partners in other disciplines that include banking, legal, process control, finance, marketing, coaching, sales, expense control, information management, wealth management, benefits, communication, governance and advisory boards.

Project term, scope and format are mutually defined based on project characteristics:

•   Consulting services (project based, service retainer, access retainer)
•   Executive and board support
•   Facilitation
•   Training, based on existing curricula or bespoke
•   Speaking