Who We Help

“Those who are happiest are those
who do the most for others.”

— Booker T. Washington

Am I The Kind Of Company ROM Works With?

We offer advisory services to established small to mid-sized companies that see their performance as acceptable but not exceptional.

We successfully work with executives who have a sense of urgency to increase value by improving strategy, operations and culture and are looking for more freedom and control of their time.

We do best with clients who embrace technology, leading edge management practices, strategic agility and the power of a deliberate, positive culture — or want to. Whether in the private, nonprofit or public sectors, successful clients take advantage of our range of services and those of our comprehensive network of affiliates to build value through each stage of growth.

Choosing the right advisor

OK So Far, But Do You Understand My Issues?

Is this what you think about?

  • I’ve lost sight of our purpose. Everyone is working hard but they aren’t motivated by a common mission or culture.
  • I am the center of the business. I made it what it is but it doesn’t work well without me  – and that’s a problem.
  • I am exhausted by my business. People and processes haven’t kept up with the competition so now we’re running just to keep up.
  • I am not always sure. We don’t track enough information to know how we are doing or set reachable targets.
  • My eye is on the calendar. Not now but someday I’ll transition and am not sure when or how how to prepare. I don’t really have a complete succession plan.
  • I don’t know what I don’t know. What got me here won’t get me to where I want to take the organization and I could use some perspective on ways to get there – and probably some choices of advisors.

Is this what your company talks about?

  • Sales and marketing efforts are falling short.
  • We’re struggling to secure recurring revenues.
  • Products and services are not sufficiently differentiated.
  • Our brand is relatively weak compared to our ambitions.
  • We’ll soon need capital to expand.
  • We’re losing ground on margins.
  • We don’t have an innovation mechanism or product development strategy.
  • We have poor knowledge management and analysis capabilities.
  • We don’t understand what we need to be an agile company.
  • We’re having a hard time retaining our best people.

Yes, Those Are Things We Are Dealing With, But I Have Questions About You.

Taking on a trusted advisor is a big decision. You want to know:

Have you solved problems like mine? Have you worked with people like me? Do you understand my industry? Do you share my values? Can you see beyond my immediate needs? Are you current on trends in business and management? Are you ethical? Are you agile? Will you be responsive to my needs? Can my staff and I learn from you? Will you be there in the future? Who else do you work with? How would you handle conflicts of interest? Can you connect me with other resources I might need? Will you be enjoyable to work with? And so on . . .

Clients have legitimate questions

Does This Sound Right? Are You An Ideal Client? Are We Ideal Advisors?

Our ideal client is the executive of an established company with untapped potential and an urgency to do something about it. This potential could be new customers or better service. It could be more efficient processes. People, partners, facilities or technologies that aren’t ready for your changing markets. Leadership (that’s you) or strategy are not effective or well communicated. Maybe you’ve just lost the sense of who you are as a company or that you really don’t have a handle on the numbers. Or it could be that the parts seem to be working but that the company is not working well as a system.

Are You In One of The Markets ROM Serves?

We bring ideas and practices from clients in diverse sectors, industries, markets and regions. This breadth of experience allows us to blend strategy, operations and culture to best suit client needs. You’d be surprised at what perspectives our experience in social services, military, sports and petroleum can provide. Below are some of the types of organizations we serve.


  • Mid-sized companies ($20-200 MM revenues)
  • Divisions of Fortune 5000 companies
  • Entrepreneurs/start-ups
  • Small businesses
  • Franchise/multibusiness owners
  • Business development organizations
  • Sales teams


  • Foundations
  • Trade associations
  • Association Management Companies
  • Nonprofits (emphasis on progressive social causes)
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Regional Business Groups

Public Sector

  • Federal agencies (emphasis on science, technology and R&D-centric agencies)
  • State agencies
  • Regional commissions
  • Business development agencies
  • Incubators

If This Sounds Good, Look At How We Work, Our Services, and Why ROM, Then Get Started

Ultimately, chemistry is critical in a trusted advisor relationship. We need to talk.

If you aren’t sure yet, at least use the free resources in each of the following sections to grow the value in your business. Then contact us.

Who We Work With
  • If you’re not sure who or where you are as a company, you might benefit from our services in diagnosis.
  • If you know who you are but are not sure – or are no longer sure – where you are going, you might benefit from our services in strategy.
  • If you are clear on direction and have a plan but your progress is neither steady or enough, you might benefit from our services in execution.
  • Finally, if you think you know where you are, where you are going, how you are going to get there – but can’t track it or have the data to make agile decisions, you might benefit from our services in evaluation.


Our clients often bundle these services to build capabilities for long term performance.