“The worst business decision you can make is
no decision. The needs are not going to go away.”

—  John Peace

ROM is a limited consulting practice that works with only a few clients at a time so we can focus on your whole business, not just a series of projects. Who we help and why are as important as what we do:

  • Breadth of Experience. Our experience spans industries, client types and business challenges, each of which adds to skills and perspective. See how the credentials and experience of Mark Haas can serve your needs.
  • Tested Principles. We exist to strengthen industries and communities by growing enterprise value in businesses. We do this through a deliberate set of core principles.
  • Consilience.Increasing specialization of business advisors amplifies risk of missing the big picture and inadvertently compromising your future. A consilient perspective makes sure that needed disciplines are used when and where needed.
  • Focus on Operational Value. Our clients across many industries found our services valuable by turning their intuition into insight and potential into performance. See how many of our clients had needs similar to yours.
  • Integrity, Really. Engaging external advisors is an act of trust as well as reason. Our commitments to consulting with integrity  are demonstrated by more than just saying so. We are active in advancing the field of ethics as consulting moves into automation and AI.
  • Independence and Objectivity. What got you here may not be what you need to reach your goals. Our services address the Four Questions to give you control of your business. Objectivity prevents groupthink and blind spots, and brings views from other industries. We are intentionally not “insiders.”
  • Access to Resources. We bring affiliate resources of exceptional caliber and reputation, including access to skills, capital and partners – but you only pay for value added capabilities.
  • Recognized Credentials. Our teams are led by a Certified Management Consultant, the global standard for management consulting excellence and ethics.

Credentials and Experience

Extensive and varied experience over many years brings a rich perspective

Core Principles

Understand why we do what we do and where we are headed as a company


Complexity increasingly drives business and consilience is the emerging way to manage it


We only work with clients where we are most likely to be successful


We have a specific view on how advisors affect a client’s ethical culture and practices

Integrated Services

We make sure that your business aces the Four Questions


We are an integral part of a powerful consilient base of business value growth resources.

Why Hire a CMC?

ROM is led by a CMC, the global standard in management consulting